Saturday, August 31, 2013

Buddha Statues

Buddha statues can be seen in many postures and each posture and hand gestures hold different meaning and signifies the aspect of spirituality. The Buddhist Statues explain the aspect of life, death, peace and many others. In addition to it, Buddhist Statues inspire us human to develop the inner qualities and traits to gain good lucks/ fortunes, happiness, internal peace and satisfaction to our life etc. There is also a saying that -
“For daily motivation or inspiration and to know the capacity of oneself in order to achieve a good life, one should place the Buddhist Statues in the central area of one’s home or office.”

Symbol of Buddhist Statues:
As mentioned earlier, Buddhist statues carry the symbol of internal satisfaction and peace, good lucks and fortunes and also act as a inspiration for every human beings. Whenever we concentrate at the Buddhist statue, it gives us inner peace which enlightens our mind, heart and soul. According to the great Buddhist Mythology, a Buddhist statue is considered as a symbol for many subjects, such as:

Buddhist Statue: A Symbol of Enlightenment:

In ancient time, Gautama Buddha found the answer for all his queries through enlightenment. He achieved enlightenment after he left his royal life and went for meditation. He meditated under a Bodhi tree where after many years of struggle, he finally achieved enlightenment. The Buddhist Statue describes the Enlightenment and preaches the lessons of life and death. In addition to it, Gautama Buddha preached Buddhism where he explained the fourNoble Truths of Life. The Four Noble Truths of life are:
1.    Dukha [Suffering]
2.    Samudaya [Cause of Suffering]
3.    Nirodha [Cessation of Suffering]
4.    Magga [Extinction of Suffering]

Buddhist Statue - signifies Belief:
Belief is the internal power to make people stand in their words. It is the thing that keeps people alive and help people to live their life. The symbol of belief in oneself is the greatest weapon to fight against Suffering.

Buddhist Statue - signifies of Hope:
Buddhist statues also stand as a symbol of HOPE. Hope is the only thing that has motivated people to struggle in life.

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